Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - Plainfield Again!

Yep, the web home of the week is in plainfield again! Okay, this one is a shameless plug. It's my listing and we need to get it sold, plain and simple. You can view the details of this house at my website - or call me directly at 630-846-4663 (Bo Buchanan). This home is a pre-foreclosure and a short sale. That means the homeowner owes more on the house than it will sell for. The purchase process will not go quickly - the bank will examine every step of the offer and it will take some time to get the deal closed. But, you can get a good house at a great price. I've done quite a few of these and I work with attorney's who are familiar with the process. Currently priced at $249,900 - the price will be lowered within the next couple days (I'll post it here when we lower the price).

The House has an amazing waterfront view. Check it out - this is a view from the kicthen back door - you see the fenced backyard and the pond!

The house has 4 bedrooms plus a loft - a full basement and lots of space! Overall, it's in really good shape. But you will need to do a few things - remove the debris left in the garage and basement, probably replace the living room carpet, fix part of the fence and part of the vinyl siding on the back of the house.

I think this is a lot of house - with a little work to be done. But get it at the right price and you'll be happy with the results! Call me if you'd like to see the house, I'll give you the inside scoop ;)

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