Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BoulderHill.info-new blog section

About a year ago I bought the domain BoulderHill.info because I wanted to start providing more detailed information about the Boulder Hill subdivision located in Montgomery/Oswego. I have lived in Boulder Hill for a little over a year now and I love the subdivision. It's actually more than a subdivision. On some maps it's listed as a town. At the time it was built - it was a trendsetter in new communities. Complete with a shopping center, church, school, new roads and new homes.
One of my biggest pet peeves about new subdivisions is the lack of trees. Sure, they usually plant trees on the parkway when the build. But there are no mature trees. And most of the new subdivisions out here are built in the middle of a corn field. Yeah, you'll have great trees in 20 or 30 years. But what about now? Boulder Hill has tons of trees. I have 2 mature trees and 3 smaller ones on my lot alone.
Location is another great feature. You can get in and out of Boulder Hill to at least 4 major roads - Rt. 25, Rt. 30, Douglas & Rt. 34. All without hitting any real traffic. Everything you need is within a 5 minute drive; Jewel, Dominicks, Target, Home Depot, bank, convenient store, car wash, pizza, chinese food - you name it!
Prices are also very reasonable in Boulder Hill. You can still get a three bedroom home for under $200k. And because it's un-incorporated taxes are lower! You can't beat that!
So, in the coming months as the spring Real Estate market kicks off I'll try to keep posting Boulder Hill Blogs as often as possible. But I'll also try to include photos of the community and other news worthy items. If you have something to contribute please feel free to email me or add a comment to one of the posts.

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