Saturday, March 22, 2008

Township Tax Rates, Links & Resources

Since I started my Real Estate, I've been surprised to discover that the number one section on my site has been the Tax Center (click here to visit Tax Center at I receive more visitors to those pages than any others. Good to know - because I spent a lot of time compiling website links & phone numbers for all the townships, counties, cities, etc. In Kane, Kendall, Dupage & Will counties. If you've ever forgotten what your own property taxes are - you can usually look them up online. Or, at the very least - call the township office or County Tax Assessor. This is also useful if you are looking at purchasing a new home. Taxes are usually a portion of your house payment and are put in escrow every month. So if you tax that tax bill and divide it by 12 - that's how much will be added onto your monthly house payment to pay taxes at tax time. I also took some time to explain in a little more detail how taxes are calculated. There isn't just one group that creates your home taxes. Several different taxing bodies in a township have the authority to increase your taxes - schools, libraries, park district, etc.

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