Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Dog Park in Boulder Hill?

Spring is here....and it's time to take the dogs out! I have two yellow labs, Baily (female) and Cody(Male). Wouldn't it be nice if there were a dog park in Boulder Hill? Maybe it's a dream - but I keep trying to think of a good location for one. What about in that area by the utility poles? I'm sure that wouldn't be a very popular with people who back up to the area.

Tomorrow I am taking my dogs to renew their Rabies shots - and then we're heading to the dog park! The question is coming up more often when I work with buyers - where is the closest dog park? Last year I spent a lot of time visiting dog parks in Aurora & Naperville. Lincoln Park in Aurora is the park I visited most last year. It's off Prairie avenue just west of Rt. 31. Take Prairie over the tracks and hang a right on Haywood. You'll see the dog park there.

Last year I met a great group of people who went to the park at the same time everyday. You need to get a license from the Park District but it's not expensive. There are also a couple very good dog parks in Naperville off 75th street - one near book and the other near Rt. 53. For more information on Dog Parks in Illinois - visit the Illinois Dog Park list at DogGeek.com

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Jessica & David said...

There is another dog park not too far, that is also nice. Its not far from Galena & 56. This is a link that shows local dog parks in our area.



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