Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You know...the house with the purple bathroom

It was a beautiful weekend for showing houses this past saturday and sunday and I had the pleasure of working with a family from Pennsylvania that is moving to the area. Because they are from out of state - just remembering what town we were in was a challenge. They are moving here for a job in naperville, so we were looking at houses in the surrounding area - Oswego, Montgomery, Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora & Bolingbrook. On Saturday we viewed 10 or 12 houses in a matter of a few hours. It can be hard enough for someone locally raised to remember what house was in what town and which subdivision. An even more daunting task for someone not familiar with the area.
One of the tricks I use to help buyers remember each house is what I call the TripleR . That stands for Rating, Room & Remember. First off- after viewing the house I like to ask the buyers to rate the house on a scale of 1 to 10. This rating might change after viewing another house - but it really helps both buyers and the realtor to remember just how interested they were in that house. The second R stands for Room. In every house one room usually stands out. Was it a small master bedroom? A luxurious master bath? Or an amazing finished basement. By keying in on one room it will help remind you of something that really stood out in that house. Finally, the third R is Remember. Pick one thing overall that stood out about the house. Maybe it was the purple bathroom. Maybe the house with 2 rabbits in the basement (seriously, that's one of the houses we looked at), or maybe just the house that said "WOW". Later when you are talking about the house you can say "you know...the house with the purple bathroom" and everyone will know what you are talking about!

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