Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rainy Day Real Estate

It's a rainy day today in chicagoland and I often hear sellers say to me "It's lousy weather outside today, no one is going to look at the house". Well, the exact opposite is usually true. When the weather is bad people often have nothing else to do. They will be sitting at home looking at houses online or driving around neighborhoods. Good weather means buyers have lots of choices - do something outside, work on the house, visit any number of outdoor attractions. But you can bet if someone is looking at your house in lousy weather -they are a serious buyer. Some sellers are worried about people tracking mud and water through their house. Most agents will have the common sense to remove their shoes and ask clients to do the same. If yo'ure really concerned, put a sign up in the foyer or the door buyers will enter in and ask them to remove their shoes. Or, ask your agent to provide booties. Personally, I find that booties don't work. Water soaks through them and mud can still fall off the exposed parts of shoes. Asking someone to remove their shoes isn't a big deal. For buyers - here's a tip. Where slip on shoes the day you view homes.

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Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I always visitors to my home to remove their shoes.

I dedicated an whole blog to this subject:

Shoes Off at the Door, Please