Monday, May 5, 2008

Downtown Oswego War Memorial

This weekend I had some time to walk around in Dowtown, Oswego and I stopped by the war memorial just outside the Oswego Public Library. Although I had passed by the memorial many times, I had never stoped to read the plaques and discover this unique Oswego Landmark.

The War meorial has a granite pillar memorializing each branch of the service and and an eternal flame burning above them. To the side there is a brick pathway "Veterans Memorial Walkway" that leads across the railroad tracks and down to the river.

As you walk down the pathway, there is a plaque commemorating each war the United States has fought and how many soldiers died in each war. From the Spanish-American War to the war in Iraq - every conflict is included. I found it a very educational experience. When you start adding up how many soldiers have died to protect the freedoms we take for granted in this country - it is a humbling experience.
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